A Little Blood

By Tara Ann Stridh

I said, you better run real fast
or this one’s gonna knock you down
sit alone in the desert rain with my tail in the air

Lindsey had been forced to do things with one hand before, but to do things with the unavailability of both a hand and arm was a little more difficult. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror, a washcloth in his left hand. His shirt was unbuttoned, slivering his skin, and Darla didn’t have to speak for him to know she was standing in the doorway; he could smell the jasmine of her porcelain skin. What he loved most about that scent was that it wasn’t a perfume; it was just her.

He glanced at her, and she walked to him, standing behind him, her small hands on his hips; tightly she pressed herself against his, in her words, “nice round ass of perfection.” Then her hands grabbed his hips, turned him to her and pushed him hard into the skin. If there was any pain Lindsey ignored it. She took the washcloth from him and squeezed the water over his shoulder, watching the water trickle down his velvet skin with a tilt of her head. Then she threw it briskly into the shower. Sliding down on her knees, her hands gliding over his arms until he took one and held it in his own hand, Darla bit at his crotch through his pants ~ cat bites, kitten bites. Even her “human” teeth could be rough; in fact, he had contracted syphilis from her office bite when she was human. Looking up at him, without taking her eyes from his, she undid his pants, pulling them down simultaneously with his boxers.

“I just want a little blood,” she said, smiling up at him.

“Darla, please, don’t.”

“’Darla? Please don’t?’” She laughed, arching an eyebrow and changing into her vampire face.

His arousal was immediate.

“Well, look at that, your pretty human cock ripe for the taking,” she said, her violet eyes sparkling as she surveyed his hard male flesh.

“I guess it’s those little ridges along your brow,” he said calmly, his fingertip tracing along her demon visage. “Or maybe the tiny little way your nose crinkles.”

Her small edged teeth gleamed up at him. Darla held his left wrist against the sink and her chilled dainty mouth enveloped his penis; she used her teeth to push back his foreskin as she sucked at his throbbing thickness. Lindsey winced quietly as she gnawed at the tip. After she was satisfied with the blood she began to leave tiny kisses on his balls. She had licked him, squeezed him, bit him, but never did she kiss him, not like this, anyway. He watched her, the top of her head more golden than usual in the bathroom light. Then he was suddenly aware of the tip of his prick; her bites always caused his skin to burn up, pleasantly.

Lindsey smiled faintly as he watched her do everything she could possibly do with her tongue, even then he suspected there was more, and his breathing was just as heated as his body. Then Darla returned to the aching wound, her tongue swirling over and around and under, and Lindsey moaned like never she heard him. That was when she began to choke and spit.

“Ughh, what the – Lindsey! Blood! Blood is all I wanted!”

Desperately Darla wiped his come from her lips, his blood tainting them an innocently spent cherry.

“Darla, I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it any-“

Her hand was clenching his jaw before he even knew it. Her violet eyes glared into smooth face.

“Lindsey,” she said, her voice strictly sweet, “you know I don’t swallow unless I want to, and you know you don’t give until I let you.”

The faint smile on his baby face only encouraged her; it was also their twisted little understanding. Her right hand clawed across his chest, without leaving a flesh mark, and slipped around his dulled cock, squeezing and tugging, causing him to grunt. She had held him like that before, and it was the most uncomfortable place his penis had ever been in his entire life – yet, he really liked it. He was feeling slightly dizzy and really didn’t want to be touched, but he didn’t mind. Darla’s hand joggled at his flesh again, and he swallowed hard. She slapped him mean across the face, leaving traces of his blood and orgasm on his stinging cheek. Then she pushed her fingers into his mouth, and he sucked his flavor off her icy elegant fingers.

“That wasn’t very considerate of you, was it, sweetpea? I guess I just have to teach you a lesson, hm.”

He couldn’t hide the smug glimmer in his blue eyes.

“I guess you should.”

Darla knelt in front of him again, the tip of her tongue meowing out to touch the tip of his prick. She could see his thighs shudder, and he yelled out as she relentlessly bit into his hip. Then she pulled him down, shoving him on his back on to the floor. Her blonde strands fell over her petite shoulders as she climbed on to his body, her human face returned.

“My arm,” he said.

Smiling, she said, “Maybe you should just break the other one.”

She tapped her fingertips lightly against his cast. Holding his throat she licked the blood & sex off his cheek, her chiming mocking laugh stirring him again. It was as if his penis was responding to the itty bitty echoes in her cold cruel voice.

“Oh Lindsey, I would make you beg me to fuck you, but that would just be mean, don’tcha think?”

Her mouth was on him again except her blunt “human” teeth were ripping at him, abusing him over and over, always hard – his foreskin, his balls, the head, the underside, and his bold consistent “ow’s” turned into brief sharp moans. Then she stopped, and Lindsey knew he would hurt extra in the morning.

I care. I guess I just don’t mind.

Lindsey watched her stand up and pull her panties off, throwing them in his face; he could feel her cool wetness, heavy and strong, and that female scent he learned so well in high school and college. Darla still wore her cotton tee and shirt skirt as she rubbed her cold slit over his teeming cock. The intense warmth of his blood was enough to make her swoon, but those days were lost to her.

“Darlin’, please Darla, Darla just fuck me!”

“I don’t want to fuck, Lindsey. I want to kiss you.”

On her knees she moved over his body until her legs were spread over his face. Looking down at him, keeping her gold plaid skirt raised a little bit above her white thighs she smiled completely, her violet-hazel eyes glowing.

“Your blood is on my clit. Lick it, Lindsey. Lick it all away.”

She still pronounced his name softly and carefully, the way she did when they first met.

His able hand pushed her skirt up her thighs, and he lifted his head upward to reach her cunt. Darla yelped when his tongue pushed into her, and she moved herself away from his flushed face.

“Lindsey, did I say you could do that?”

“I guess I just thought you’d want it,” he said. “You know I won’t bite.”

“All in good time, my love. Are you hurting enough?”

Darla glanced over her shoulder at his penis, it was so erect she thought it would crack. She slid herself on to him, and he surprised her by pushing upward to greet her, causing her to gasp with a little laughing pant.

They moved together, perfect and determined.

“If ever I sired you, Lindsey, it would be when we’re fucking.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he smiled.

“In your fantasies,” she said, letting out a single knowing laugh.

“Damn Darla, don’t stop fucking me!”

Lindsey was so deep inside her she could feel his human heartbeat pounding within her cunt; she would tell him that afterward she decided.

Darla arched her eyebrow regal, “I won’t if you won’t.”