Darla's Darling
By Faithful Chickie

Part One: Waiting For the Slayer's Return

"You took long enough, slayer!" Darla grinned as the little blonde approached with a scowl.

"I told you not to come back." Buffy stepped toward the vampire, pulling a stake from her sleeve.

"What's this? You're going to stake me, lover?" The beautiful vampire leaned back with a grin. "Come now, you enjoyed it as much as I did. You wouldn't want to dust the best lay you've had in ages." Darla strolled around the petite slayer. "You look fabulous for a dead girl." She snickered as she gently brushed a golden lock from Buffy's face. "Love the sassy little haircut… so cute… so you."

Buffy smiled and touched her newly short 'do. "You like it, really?" Then as if coming to her senses she shook her head. "I don't care. Darla, get out of Sunnydale and don't come back or I will stake you." The slayer furrowed her brow, trying to look fierce.

The vampire threw her head back and laughed. "You're just a doll. Come here, slayer, and maybe I won't spank you again." Darla chuckled as Buffy took a swing at her. "You know, you naughty girl, you up and died on me. And here I was planning for another delightful slayer dessert and I get the news that little Buffy Summers has bit the dust. It was just devastating!" The pretty vamp laughed again as she skipped out of Buffy's reach. "Tell me slayer, how was heaven?"

Buffy froze, tears welling up in her eyes. "How'd you know?"

"Darling, I could taste it in you the last time we met. There was already the flavor of purity and perfection in that delicious blood." Darla licked her fingers like a cat, leering as she took in Buffy's pale expression. "I can't wait to taste you now. You must be simply electrifying." The vampire sighed, swaying slightly. "I can cum just thinking about you."

"NO!" Buffy stepped back, crying. "I don't want this! I can't!"

"Yes, you can. You want to feel alive? Let me taste you, and we can share in the ecstasy." Darla purred, holding out her hand.

Part Two: Another Taste

Buffy peered around the cemetery. Nobody was in sight. She took the vampire's hand and followed her into an empty crypt.

"Lift your skirt," Darla commanded as she slipped to her knees. She smirked as Buffy eagerly lifted her skirt and slid her panties down. "My little girl sure does want it, doesn't she?"

The little slayer groaned as the vampire blew lightly over her exposed pussy.

"Don't take too much… please." Buffy spread her legs, waiting for Darla's lips to touch her.

"No darling, I won't take too much." Darla's fangs slipped in smoothly, tugging only slightly at the soft flesh of Buffy's inner thigh.

Both vampire and slayer swooned, as an indescribable ecstasy washed over each of them. Buffy's pleasure was rooted solely in the sensation; the gentle sucking made her skin tingle as if on fire, her pulse raced and her heart fluttered. It was incredibly liberating… like being naughty and being a savior at the same time. She groaned as the first wave of orgasm coursed through her.

Yet Darla's nirvana could be found in the blood itself, so infused with Buffy's essence that its delicacy was sublime. Darla's head swam, her mouth flooded with the fevered wine as it poured from the golden slayer. "Oh Buffy!" The vampire groaned against her, consciousness slipping from her grasp. She could feel herself going weak with each swallow.

Buffy glanced down, panting. Never had she felt so satiated. This vampire had pleased her greatly. She couldn't possibly bring herself to stake the evil woman now. And of course, it didn't hurt that Darla was achingly gorgeous either. *Ugh! What's wrong with me?!*

Buffy scowled as she gently lifted the unconscious vamp and laid her on a coffin. She pushed back a few blonde locks and wiped the blood from Darla's lovely full lips.

*I have to get out of here!* Backing away panicked, the slayer pulled up her panties and fled the tomb not looking back. *I can't do this again! It's wrong!*

Darla slowly came to with a smile. "Oh god! That was amazing!" She giggled, turning her head to the side searching for Buffy. Disappointment marred her pretty features when she realized the slayer was gone. "Damn!"

Sitting up slowly, to avoid a head rush Darla tentatively touched her tingling skin. Her whole body was toasty and warm. She grinned stumbling from the crypt. In town she'd find some comfy room to bed down in until tomorrow night. Finding the slayer again was of top priority to the dazed vampire queen, however for now she'd settle for some sleep.

*Mmmmm Buffy.* Darla sighed as she entered the first hotel she came upon.

Part Three: I Understand

Buffy gently fingered the fresh bite on the inside of her thigh. Touching it made her wet. *That was so incredible... Mmmm.* Shaking her head, the slayer moved her hand away as her bedroom door opened.

"Don't you ever knock?!" She railed angrily at her little sister who stood glaring.

"Are you done in the bathroom?" Dawn gave the slayer a typical teen look. One that said, I'm so bored even as we speak.

"Yes." Buffy clutched the towel tighter, not so much with concern over hiding her nudity but more with worry over the fang marks. There was no acceptable explanation for those, and that was part of the thrill. *It was so very naughty… but so very nice.* Buffy smiled; the second Dawn was gone, she'd touch herself.

The little brunette rolled her eyes and closed the door, leaving her sister to whatever weirdness she was up to.

Reaching down, the slayer stroked her pussy, enjoying her instant arousal. Slick and hot, she was so ready to get off. A few more flicks of her fingertips over the puncture wound and then back up to her clit.

The vampire was right. She was without a doubt the best lay in recent memory. Buffy grinned, continuing to masturbate as she recalled each flutter of Darla's tongue, each kiss of her lips, and each nip with her fangs. "Oh fuck…Mmmmm…" The slayer slipped to the floor, rubbing herself faster. She'd just get off really quick then go slaying. *No harm in some slayer self-appreciation.*

The smile slipped from her lips at the tap on her window. Buffy immediately snatched up her towel. *Damn Spike!* She moved to the window, ready to shout, but the complaint died in her throat as her eyes fell upon the visitor. "Darla?… What are you doing here?" Buffy opened the window and peered out. "Did anyone see you?"

"Just you, darling. Aren't you going to invite me in?" The vampire leered, taking in the scantily clad beauty before her. "I love the pink fuzzy towel. It's so you. Now c'mon and be a good girl, invite Darla in."

Buffy hesitated. Darla wasn't trustworthy, and she had others to think of… like Dawnie and Willow… as well as Tara. "No. I can't. I'm sorry. Go away. I don't know what made you come here, but it was a bad idea."

"Hmmm… Let me think for a minute." Darla put on a big show of considering her options. "Oh yes." She said, tapping her head. "I was thinking that perhaps we could make love somewhere other then a filthy cemetery. Silly me." The little vampire scowled before backing away. "Goodnight, slayer. I'll get my meal elsewhere!"

"Wait!" Buffy stuck her head out, calling after her. "You know I can't let you do that!"

"Try and stop me!" Darla chuckled, disappearing into the darkness.

"Damn!" The small slayer cursed as she pulled on her clothes. She was going to have a hell of a time catching up with Darla.

*That little bitch! Who does she think she is anyway?!* The beautiful blonde vampire cursed, holding up her hand. "Another glass of wine."

The bartender came over slowly. "Miss, I think you've had enough."

"I'll tell you when I've had enough. Now bring me another glass before I snap your neck!" Darla vamped out grabbing the frightened man by his collar. "Or maybe, I should just drink you."

"That won't be necessary."

Darla spun around to see Buffy standing and waiting. Her vamp face receded as she grinned at the slayer. "Well, look who decided to come by and say hello."

"Let's go. Time for you to leave, Darla." Buffy held out her hand and the vampire took it with a smile.

"Up to my room… I hope." She dangled her hotel key in front of Buffy. The slayer frowned but grabbed it.

"Fine. Then you can sleep this off. But I want you to leave town tomorrow night, do you understand?"

Darla chuckled as she followed the angry little slayer up to her room. Buffy desired her and she could smell it. The scent was beyond intoxicating. "Yes darling, I understand you perfectly."

Part Four: Buffy, Addicted

Buffy locked the hotel room door and tossed the key onto the table. "Now lay down. I'll stay until you fall asleep. But Darla, I mean it; tomorrow night, leave or I stake you."

"Such harsh words from such a sweet angel. C'mon here Buffy." Darla crooked her finger then patted the bed beside her.

The pretty little slayer hesitated. *I shouldn't… But she is leaving tomorrow… one more time wouldn't be a biggie…* Buffy crawled in next to the curvy vampire. "Okay, now sleep," she commanded, laying stiffly on the bed.

Darla grinned, rolling toward the slayer. "That's not what either of us wants, is it?" She deftly slipped her hand under Buffy's skirt and stroked her bite mark. "Besides, I'm hungry."

"No." Buffy's objection came out as a throaty whisper.

"Not very convincing, slayer." The vampire grinned as she lowered her mouth to Buffy's pussy. The plump little lips and clit were swollen with anticipation. Darla slowly rolled her tongue along the quivering flesh. "Mmmm… you taste so good… it's maddening."

Buffy shook with pleasure. Each long lick brought her that much closer to the edge. She felt so alive again; Darla's tongue and teeth were a like a gift. Without thought, she reached down and pulled the vamp tightly against her. Shuddering and moaning, Buffy squeezed her eyes tight and rocked against Darla's soft mouth. The suckling of her clit was electrifying.

Cum ran down Buffy's thighs and onto the eager tongue awaiting. "More, slayer… give me more." Darla murmured, swallowing down every drop. Her nails dugs into the slayer's sides as she pulled the girl more firmly against her lips.

"OH GOD!" Buffy screamed and bucked against her face. Shaking with each spasm, the pretty little slayer fell back trembling and whimpering. She wanted the whole treat though; a small bite plus a sip from the vampire would be her cherry on top. "Please Darla… bite me."

The beautiful vampire groaned as she sank her fangs into the buttery flesh high on the inside of Buffy's thigh. The slayer's blood and cum mingled in her mouth. *Holy shit! This is the most delicious thing I've ever tasted.*

Darla reached down between her legs and stroked her throbbing pussy. She would explode in an instant, but seriously hoped she could remain conscious. The whole fainting thing was really off-putting. That's when her slayer always bolted.

Deciding that the fainting was likely caused by her overindulgence in the slayer's blood, Darla pulled back licking the wound carefully before returning to suck Buffy's clit. The slayer screamed again sending Darla over the edge with her.

Falling face first against the soft wet pussy, Darla relaxed, gathering her strength. *Mmmm…* She smiled weakly lifting her head to gaze at her delightful little slayer. But Buffy was asleep was a sweet satisfied expression. Darla had to take a breath, the girl looked absolutely angelic. "Wow, you are a little doll, aren't you?"

Crawling next to her, she pulled the slayer tenderly in her arms and cradled her. She had no intention of leaving Sunnydale or this girl. Sex with Buffy was proving to be too addictive.

Part Five: Visiting Her Grand-Childe

Buffy awoke with a start. "I have to go." She scrambled from the bed despite Darla's objections. "No, this isn't right, and it can't work. We don't even know each other. It's just sex, and I don't do that."

"Why? Are you not allowed to have pleasure?" Darla snorted. "How very Victorian of you."

The little slayer's eyes narrowed. "That's not it and you know it. You're a vampire, and I'm the slayer. I should be staking you."

"Angel was a vampire."

"Ugh! Why does everyone make that argument?! Yes, Angel was a vampire. And Angel was a mistake. People died because of my love for him."

Darla grinned. "I didn't ask for your undying love, sweetie. Just a meal and some sex. See, you bring the meal, and I'll give you great sex." The beautiful vampire chuckled.

"The meal?" Buffy scowled. She didn't like to be referred to as a meal. It made her feel cheap.

"Yes, the meal. You know, those scrumptious thighs and your wet little pussy that I love so much… mmmmm…" Darla licked her lips.

"Arghhh! You're as bad as Spike!"

"Oh my goodness! Is William the Bloody here still? I really must look him up. We were quite close, you know." She smirked as the slayer quickly pulled on her clothes.

"That's it!" Buffy screamed in rage, breaking a chair. She picked up one of the splinters of wood and made her way over to the bed. "I can't let you team up with Spike. He just barely controls himself now."

Darla arched an eyebrow but didn't move as the slayer leaned over her holding the stake. Their eyes met and the vampire let out a hearty laugh. "You can't kill me, lover."

"DAMMIT!" Buffy spun around and threw the stake, embedding it in the wall before she stormed out.

Darla strolled through the cemetery, singing out. "William… William the Bloody… Oh Spike… Come out, come out wherever you are."

The bleach blonde vampire stepped out from the shadows. "Darla! What are you doing in Sunnydale?"

"I'm here for the slayer." She announced slowly circling the younger vampire.

"Can't let you. Sorry, but no one is going to kill the slayer on my watch." Spike lit his cigarette.

"You silly, silly boy. I'm not here to kill the slayer." Darla snickered. "Besides, what's with your protective nature? Very unvampire-like, wouldn't you say?"

Spike glared as he started to walk off. "None of your business!"

"Awww… Did I hit a nerve? Don't worry, Drusilla told me all about that nasty chip in your brain." She grinned when he stopped in his tracks and turned around snarling.

"Yeah?! Well it won't stop me from killing you!" Spike dove at the unprepared vampire. They both fell to the ground with Darla laughing underneath him. His frustration reached a boiling point as he pulled a stake from his jacket. "Say night-night, Darla!"

A hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. "No!"

"What the hell?!" He peered up to see the slayer standing in front of him. "Why'd you stop me? This is Darla."

"I know who it is, Spike." Buffy pulled both of the vampires to their feet.

Darla was still laughing. She waved her hands. "Sorry. It's just so funny. William, staking me?" She took a few breaths, trying to regain control. "Okay Buffy, done now."

Spike's eyes narrowed when he heard Darla call the slayer by her name. "Since when are you two on a first name basis?"

"Oh, Buffy and I go way back. Don't we dear?"

"Darla, shut up and get out of here!" Buffy's eyes flashed a warning as she stepped closer to the pretty vampire.

"Fine." Darla was obviously offended. Turning on her heel she stalked off, calling out as she left. "William, I'll see you later."

"Count on it!" The bleach blonde growled, watching his grand-sire walk off. He turned toward the slayer. "What's with you protecting her? I don't understand. Shouldn't you be staking her?"

"She's not here to feed. Besides, I don't have time to explain. I have to go." Buffy glanced back in the direction Darla had headed. She turned once again toward Spike. "Promise me that you won't stake her."

"Only if you tell me why." The vampire frowned. He was starting to become uncomfortable with the whole situation. There was a nagging feeling in his gut telling him something that he didn't like.

"I will when I have time. Just promise."

"Fine. I promise." He scowled as he watched Buffy turn and follow after Darla.

Part Six: Set Things Right

It hadn't been what she'd been expecting. The slayer had actually followed. Darla smirked, increasing her pace only slightly so that her pretty little girl was near. The echo of Buffy's footsteps on the concrete was enough for the vampire to know her stalker's exact position. Gracefully, she side-stepped into a doorway and held very still.

One of the many tricks you learn as vampire when you are as old as Darla, is how to become invisible… even to slayers. Her eyes glittered with amusement as she watched Buffy.

The tiny super slayer suddenly stopped and peered around in confusion. *How could I have possibly lost her?! She was right in front me two seconds ago!* The perplexed expression turned to one of frustration as Buffy stamped her foot and stormed off.

Darla sighed with relief; she was certain that she couldn't suppress her chuckle for much longer. Stepping from the doorway in which she had taken shelter, the vampire headed toward a local feeding ground. *Tried and true, and slayer free.* Darla's mind sang out as she turned the corner and stumbled upon a young doctor making his way to his automobile.

He glanced up at the beautiful blonde. Startled, he took a step back. "I'm sorry. I just didn't see you there." He smiled slightly embarrassed. "Is there something I can help you with, miss?"

"Yes, how about dinner?" Shaking her head, Darla slipped into game face and grabbed the doctor before he could even shriek. She lowered her lips to his neck, but couldn't bring herself to sink her fangs in. Grunting angrily, the vampire shoved him back. "Get out of here!"

Whimpering and nodding, the man shakily got to his feet and rushed to his vehicle. When he turned back the mysterious woman was gone. *What the hell was that?!*

Darla cursed under her breath, entering her hotel room and flinging her keys and purse to the floor. She scowled, working the buttons of her coat while reaching for the light switch. But before she could react, she sensed a presence. Holding still, she closed her eyes, then opened them and flipped on the light. "Dru."

"Grandmother, I think that I should be very cross with you." The dark vampire sidled toward her slowly. "Leaving without saying goodbye."

The exasperation was evident on Darla's face as she moved into the room and tossed down her coat. Keeping her tone even, she asked, "Here to see William?"

"No." Drusilla immediately rubbed one index finger over her other, giving her a shame-shame gesture. "Spike has been naughty and so have you."

"Dru, I don't have time for this." Darla brushed past her new sire, clearly aggravated. "I have a tight schedule here… and a relic to retrieve, so get to the point or get out." Sitting heavily on her bed, the blonde tried to remain impassive. She was well aware of Drusilla's little mind reading tricks.

Wailing, the demented vampire lay on the bed and placed her head in Darla's lap. "All of my family has gone and left me all alone."

"Shhhh…" Darla tenderly stroked the long black locks and rocked her gently. "Dru, why are you here?"

"I've come to set things right again… I've come to kill the slayer."

Part Seven: Drusilla Makes Her Move

Humming a tune, the tiny slayer gracefully strolled along, twirling her stake. Resplendent with her new look and outfit, she confidently strutted over to the fresh grave prepared to make short work of the fledgling vamp then seek out Darla. After all, they really needed to have a talk.

Buffy peered down at her pretty dress, smoothing it carefully. She absently wondered if the stunning blonde vampire queen would notice her appearance.

Unbeknownst to the little slayer, three pairs of eyes were trained on her, observing each nuance of her demeanor. Two watched with unabashed admiration, while the third looked on with malevolent intent.

True to the rules of slaying, the unexpected occurred. Over a dozen vampires suddenly surrounded Buffy. The prettly little slayer gasped, completely surprised. *Now where did they come from?!* She knew that this was no coincidence; it was a setup.

"Darla!" Buffy cursed under her breath as she went into her fighting stance.

Immediately Spike leapt from his hiding place. "Looks like you could use a hand, Slayer." For once Buffy was glad for Spike's lurking tendencies. "It seems that your new friend, Darla, has set a little trap for you."

Before Buffy could respond, a soft voice could be heard to their left. Both the slayer and the bleach blonde quickly glanced over.

"No, this wasn't my doing. But I know who is responsible." Darla sauntered over, slipping into game face. Her eyes scanned the group. "Shall we?" She peered at Spike who nodded.

The group fought fiercely, but still it didn't last long. Drusilla came out, clapping and gloating as Spike and Darla were subdued. Each had suffered from the sting of a tainted dart which quickly rendered them both unconscious. Only the slayer still fought, but for each vampire that she dusted, several more appeared.

"No use fighting, dear. I've come to take you and the naughties home." With a wave of her hand, several vamps overtook the tiny slayer, plunging a needle into her.

Buffy grimaced as the solution was injected. Everything began to fade.

Waking up slowly, Darla took in her situation. She was bound next to Spike, who still remained unconscious. To her alarm, Buffy was nowhere to be seen. *Oh great! The lunatic has done it again!* Darla strained angrily against her chains. *If Dru has killed the slayer or turned her, so help me…* The thought was left unfinished when she heard Spike groggily coming to.

"William, wake up!"

Part Eight: Mom?

Spike turned his head to the side. "Huh?… Darla?"

"Yes." The vampire hissed impatiently. "We don't have time. Dru has the slayer."

Blinking to clear his head, the bleach blonde stared at her with surprise. "You care?"

"You see me chained up, don't you?!" Darla growled, tugging at her restraints. "Get it together, fast! Before your lovely ex eats our slayer."

"Our slayer?! She's mine!" He yanked at the cold steel holding him. It barely budged.

His grand-sire spoke through gritted teeth. "We have to get loose or she's just a dead slayer. Now work with me here. Let me slide between your legs and you can help pull me."

"Drusilla wants to kill Buffy? Why this time?"

The beautiful blonde merely arched an eyebrow.

"Oh. Right then." Spike spread his legs, allowing Darla to slip in between. Tightening his grip, the two vampires pulled in unison.

"Spike, you shouldn't be helping our grandmummy. She's been doing very naughty things." Drusilla grinned, dragging the half conscious slayer behind her on a leash. The pretty little blonde was still drugged and now quite naked. "Just look." Drusilla's fingertips grazed the puncture wound on Buffy's upper thigh. "She's been feeding from the Slayer and not sharing a drop."

Spike growled when he saw the marks.

The dark vampire clapped, delighted. "Ooh, Spikey is very cross." She danced around, whispering in Darla's ear. "Shall I untie our boy and see what punishment he has for you?"

The vampire queen's eyes narrowed. "Dru darling, stop playing around. Release me and give back my toy."

"Eyes like beacons. Flashing. Flashing." Drusilla clutched her head and swayed.

"Dru! I'm talking here!" Darla's frustration boiled over as she glanced to Spike for assistance.

But he was still distracted by the fresh wounds on the slayer, enraged that Darla had dared to drink from Buffy.

Sighing the tiny vampire shook her head. "You're no help, William."

"He can't help you. No one can." Drusilla sang out, lifting the slayer and carrying her to a table. The bound vampires looked on in horror as Drusilla laid Buffy out as if for burial. Groaning, the small slayer tried to sit up. "Lay back and mummy will take care of you."

"Mom?" Buffy's voice cracked while she squinted at the woman above her. "Where am I?"

"Shhhh..." Drusilla placed a finger to the slayer's lips. "Mustn't make a sound."

"William!" Darla hissed angrily. "Do something!"

"Bloody hell!" Spike cursed when Drusilla began to gently stroke between the slayer's legs.

"That's it. Mummy will make it all better. See."

Buffy blinked back her shock as she gazed up at her mother. "Mom?" Her mind struggled with the horrible notion that her mother was alive again and helping her masturbate. *Oh god!* The little blonde gasped, squeezing her eyes shut in shame. She could feel her pussy throbbing.

Drusilla turned, giving Spike and Darla a wicked smile. "The slayer is getting so wet for her mummy. Naughty, naughty girl wants mummy to lick her pussy."

"William! Pull!" Darla commanded, waiting for the bleach blonde's legs to tightly clamp around her again.

"C'mon Darla, you have to try harder too!" He grumbled until she strained again with him.

Chunks of plaster fell but Drusilla seemed not to notice as she prattled on to Buffy. "Mummy's going to make the slayer feel all nice and warm inside."

Part Nine: In Your Blood

A horrible cracking sound filled the room as Darla's chains gave way, bringing down a large chunk of the ceiling. The beautiful blonde kicked free of the debris and made a beeline for the slayer and Dru.

The dark vampire turned in time to see Darla approaching and placed her hands on either side of Buffy's head. She gazed back at her grand-sire, the threat clear in her eyes. "No, I won't have you changing the game in mid-play!"

"Stop! Or she'll break the slayer's neck!" Spike shouted when he realized his ex's intent.

Darla froze, holding up her hands. "It's okay Dru. Just let the slayer go." She spoke very softly, her eyes flickering from Buffy's limp, tiny form to Drusilla's now teary-eyed expression.

"I came to make things right," the demented vamp mourned soulfully. "I want us to be a family again." She tightened her grip, slightly twisting the little slayer's head. "But even I can't help us now."

"NO!" Both Darla and Spike screamed in unison.

"Tell her Darla! You've got no other bloody choice! Tell her now!" The bleach-blond begged in panic as he gazed upon his goddess, laid out for burial. Just a snap and Buffy would be back in the dirt. He choked back a sob, staring up at Darla. "You have to!"

Facing Dru, Darla closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "We are a family. Now let this little insignificant creature free, and we can go home. You and me... back to Angelus where we belong."

Drusilla nodded her head vigorously. "Yes, please, I like that plan much more."

"Okay, then give the slayer to me." Darla held out her arms.

"No!" The dark-haired beauty glanced down at her captive in disgust. "Leave her here, just like this... for the worms to feed on."

Darla smirked and moved toward Drusilla again. She reached out and pulled the brunette into her arms, kissing her deeply. Stepping back, she announced. "Alright Dru... but after one more taste."

"Darla, you bitch!"

"Oh come now, Spike." Darla circled him slowly, slipping him a key, unnoticed. "If you weren't chained right now, you'd be carrying that little treat off without a backwards glance."

Their eyes met and he understood.

Using his last available opportunity, the bleach-blond vampire gleefully informed her, "You think you can just have a taste of the slayer and go on your merry way!" Spike chuckled. "Well you're wrong! Dead wrong! She gets in your blood... in your gut! She gives you a soul... a piece of her own."

Darla stepped back from him, peering over at Drusilla who smiled at Spike's words. "He's right you know."

"You damn well better bloody know now!" He leaned his head back, laughing harder and gasping out a prediction. "You'll never feed again, Darla. You're not really just a vampire anymore. You're one of Buffy's bitches! And just a shell of your former vampire self." He snickered at her angry scowl. "So you see, you did yourself in."

Drusilla mumbled, half to herself, "Slayers don't need a sword to fight. They come and tell me.... I can hear the stars."

Darla glanced at Dru in annoyance before growling at Spike. "Shut up before you get her going again."

Drusilla broke into laughter, standing up to dance about. "Never feed, never rest, never live..."

"Now William!" Darla commanded, rushing over and knocking crazy Dru away from Buffy.

Spike worked the key and the chains clattered to the floor. Diving past the fighting vampire queens, he snatched up the dazed little slayer.

Her head lolled to the side, and Buffy had her last glimpse of Darla.

Part Ten: Not Yet

Her body glistened even as the cool breeze passed over her bare flesh. There was no relief... not here... not now. Buffy whimpered. Straining with need, she arched up. A soft moan escaped her lips as cool flesh met hers.

She smiled as a tongue flicked out, caressing the velvety folds of her pussy. Murmuring her pleasure, Buffy leaned toward the contact. The sound of heavy breathing and rustling sheets filtered through her foggy thoughts.

*Mmmm... yummy soft touches.* Buffy sighed, letting her senses override reason. The delicate fingers traced patterns along her inner thighs, encouraging her to offer up more. The slayer wiggled slightly and spread her legs wider.

A gasp escaped her lips as the icy fingers were suddenly slipped into her hot, tight channel. Buffy hissed as the delicious sensation tickled the inner walls of her vagina. Purring, the slayer rocked against the hand, marveling at her lover's skill.

Her release became imminent as the tension built to an unbearable level. With a grunt, Buffy pushed down hard.

Fangs slipped into her flesh, combining blinding pleasure with blinding pain until she could no longer distinguish between them.

"Darla!" Buffy called out the name, waking herself up.

Gasping for air, the little slayer sat up. Her eyes darted about the room, but she was alone as always. Pushing back the sheets, Buffy Summers rose from her bed and stepped over to the window. She gazed out into the darkness and smiled. One day Darla would come back; all her vampires did.


The delivery truck pulled off the road, heading for its final destination. The young man peered out his side windows, carefully maneuvering over the steep terrain. He hated this stop. The drive was always hellishly difficult, and the woman he delivered to gave him the creeps. But still, he kept on. It was his job.

Pumping his brakes, he gently brought the truck to a stand still on the slippery marsh. "Miss... Miss." He called out, while walking to the back of the truck.

A stunning blonde woman emerged from the house and gave him a wave. Reluctantly the young man followed her in and placed the cartons in her kitchen. He watched as she opened one and smelled the contents.

The sight turned his stomach. He edged toward the door, stopping as a portrait caught his eye. "She's quite pretty." He gestured at the angelic image, turning back toward the blonde before him.

"Yes, she is."

"A relative?" His eyes strayed back to the petite, green-eyed beauty so lovingly brushed onto the canvas.

"Not yet." The woman chuckled as the young man stumbled in terror out the door.