Darla's Trap
By Faithful Chickie

Part One: Bait

"You just have to know when the moment is right." Darla explained as she watched the little slayer turn the corner. "You see. The moment is right." She chuckled as she jumped down from the fire escape. The two vampire minions followed her. "Now, boys."

They raced up behind Buffy while Darla took a hypodermic needle from her coat. Buffy was distracted by the two vampires she didn't noticed the pretty blonde sneaking up. Darla gestured to them, and one of them shoved Buffy at her. She caught the small slayer and plunged the needle in. "Don't worry sweetie, I got you." Darla cackled as Buffy's eyes went wide.

The effects of the drug were instantaneous. The tiny blonde slayer slipped into unconsciousness. "Here. Take her." Darla passed the prize to one of her minions. "And don't bite her. We need her fresh. She's what I like to call bait."

"Rise and shine, gorgeous." Darla leaned close, laughing at Buffy's horrified expression. "What? You're not happy to see me? Hmm... Angel was." She giggled as the little slayer bristled. "Temper. Temper. Be good now or maybe I'll just let one of my boys have a taste. Slayer blood is quite the aphrodisiac, you know."

Buffy's green eyes glittered her hatred. "You're Darla, aren't you?"

"Ding. Ding. Give the girl a prize." Darla chuckled as she pressed her body against Buffy's. "You're kinda cute. I can see what Angel wanted you for. You'd make a nice little toy. What do you say slayer? Want to play?" The blonde vampire tilted her head back and let out a hearty laugh.

"Get away from me, you bitch!" Buffy growled at the smiling vampire.

"It's a shame though, such poor manners. tsk...tsk.." Darla chuckled as she stepped away from her captive. "Are you hungry pet?"

"Go to hell!" The little slayer was trying to hold a brave front. She found she couldn't budge in her chains.

"Ah.. Yes, those chains have a spell on them. You will not be able to break them. So Buffy.." Darla said her name and laughed causing Buffy's eyes to narrow further. "I'm sorry. The name Buffy certainly suits you, doesn't it?"

"What's that supposed to mean?!" The tiny slayer was offended.

Darla arched an eyebrow as she smirked. "Nothing, darling. But that's not the name you were baptized under, is it?"

"No. Not that it's any of your business." Buffy sneered, uncertain why it mattered.

"So darling, tell me your real name and I'll feed you." Darla ran her finger gently down Buffy's cheek.


"There you go. Good girl." The vampire circled around her slowly. "See, that's a respectable name... a good christian name." Darla laughed again.

"Are you insane too?" Buffy asked coldly.

"Oh so you've met Drusilla." Darla smiled. "What a treat that must have been for both of you."

"Yes, a big treat." The little slayer stated flatly. "Is this going anywhere or are you going to bore me to death?"

"Look at you. You're sassy. I like that... sometimes." The vampire roughly grabbed her face. "But only sometimes. I suggest you watch yourself. I'm your boyfriend's sire. Show me some respect, little girl!"

She let go and turned away in disgust. Buffy cleared her throat. "Angel's not my boyfriend anymore."

"Nice try, slayer. But it won't work. You're the bait. And I know he'll come. The question is what shall we do while we wait?" Darla's eyes sparkled as she grinned at the nervous little slayer in front of her.

Part Two: A Paddling

Buffy didn't like the glimmer in Darla's eye. She tried stalling. "Can I have drink? I'm really thirsty."

"Sure." The blonde vampire gave Buffy a dazzling smile before turning on her heel and leaving the room.

As soon as Darla exited the slayer glanced about for a possible escape route. The first opportunity she had she'd have to use. She had to remain alert.

Buffy quickly let her eyes roam around the room. She realized she was in a bedroom presumably Darla's. It was very large and chic in its decor. There were three doors and a set of French doors that went out onto a balcony.

The little blonde tugged at her chains again, but they only dug into her wrists further. She winced and eased up as the outer door opened.

"Now, now slayer, the more you struggle the more unpleasant this will be." Darla stopped in front the little slayer and held the glass to her lips. "Drink."

Buffy reluctantly sipped. It was root beer. *Yummy!* The little slayer drank faster, enjoying it.

Darla smiled sweetly at her. "You're just a little darling, aren't you? Here let me make you more comfortable." The blonde vampire reached up and released the bolt that held the chains.

Buffy immediately lifted her hands to strike the vampire. Darla reached up and grabbed her wrists. "Do that again, cutie, and you'll hang there day and night. The choice is yours."

They locked eyes. Buffy decided to back down... for now. "Fine." She spoke through gritted teeth.

Darla smirked as she fastened a leash to the leather collar around the little blonde's neck. "You're my pet. Come now." She gently tugged the leash.

Buffy glared as she followed along. They entered a large bathroom with a beautiful marble tub. "What are we doing?"

"Oh. I just want to give my pet a bath." Darla grinned at her and tugged her close.

"What?! I don't need a bath!" Buffy struggled.

"No! No! Behave!" The vampire growled picking her up and carrying her back into the bedroom. She tossed her roughly onto the bed.

Buffy rolled back over in time to see Darla picking up a large paddle. The vampire reached down and ripped Buffy's skirt then tore off her panties.

"NO!" The little slayer screamed and tried to kick but the chain between her ankles was too short.

"I told you to not to test me, slayer." Darla growled as she brought the paddle down hard on Buffy's bottom. "I don't want to hurt you, darling, but I will." She laughed as she continued to paddle the whimpering slayer.

Part Three: A Sugary Invitation

"Stop! Please! Owww... ow.. owie! Please stop!" Buffy cried out, tears running down her cheeks.

"Are you ready to take your bath like a good little pet?! Hmm?!" Darla swatted her.

"Yes... yes, I am.." The little slayer whimpered as the paddle came across her sore bottom again.

"You're what?!" The vampire growled putting even more strength into the spanking.

"I'm ready to take my bath! Pleaseeee..." Buffy sobbed out as Darla started to raise the paddle.

"Okay then darling, bath time. Come here." The vampire rolled the little beauty over. "Awww... honey. Are those tears for me? You're so sweet." Darla smirked as she leaned close and kissed the slayer.

Buffy blinked back her surprise. "What are you doing?!"

"Enjoying my pet." Darla chuckled as she grabbed the leash and yanked. "Come on darling."

The little slayer reluctantly followed, still sniffling. "Have you already sent word to Angel?"

"No, not yet. He'll try to spoil the fun soon enough though. Be patient, Buffy." The beautiful blonde vampire turned and gazed at the younger girl. "I just want to understand what Angel found so intriguing about you. I want a taste."

Buffy shuddered. "Really you don't. In fact, Angel doesn't even like me anymore. Last time I saw him we fought." The little slayer slipped into babble mode. "Yes, we did. A big fight... well, more like an argument... but still a fight... and.."

"Enough! Hush, before you give me a headache." Darla muttered as she reached for her. The tiny slayer flinched as the rest of her clothes were ripped from her. "Ooh... look at you. I like what I see, but how do you taste?" With those words, Darla dropped to her knees and slowly licked between the slayer's legs, lingering on her clitoris. "Mmmm.... you're yummy!"

The vampire stood up grinning as Buffy shivered. "Uh... um... you really... don't want to do this... uh... please..."

Darla quieted her objections with her lips, kissing Buffy very softly and tenderly. Just before she broke the kiss she nipped her lip, drawing blood. Leaning forward she sucked on Buffy's lower lip, tasting the slayer's blood.

"Oh my god! You're blood is... is..." Darla searched the now wide green eyes staring back. "It's like drinking... ecstasy." She leered at the naked and bleeding girl in front of her. "I may just skip calling Angel altogether, and keep you for myself."

Buffy trembled. "Please... I will let you drink from me if you promise to release me."

The vampire gave a hearty chuckle. "Let?! Let me?! You're going to let me?! Aren't you adorable?! Yes, you are a cutie!" She kissed her on the nose. "You're going to be my favorite. I can tell." Darla scooped Buffy up and put her in the tub.

Settling back nervously, Buffy tensed up as Darla brought the sponge to her skin and began sliding it very gently over her. She tried to block out the heat that radiated from the vampire's touch, but everywhere they made contact Buffy could feel the current, sparks licking her skin... causing her to want. *Ugh! No! Bad thoughts!*

Swallowing hard she tried to distract the nasty vampire bitch. "Look I'm not so nice. You don't want to do this... um... this sex thing... right?"

Darla's lips curved up. "Why not?" She chuckled and her eyes sparkled as they caught Buffy's. "You want it. I know you do. I can smell your desire. It's coming off of you like a sugary invitation." She laughed harder at Buffy's blush. "And you know what slayer?... I accept."

The little slayer closed her mouth and looked away.

"Awww... Is my pet upset?... I don't want that." She cooed as she gently ran the sponge over Buffy's breasts, then squealed with delight as the nipples instantly stiffened. "Very responsive! I like that in a pet."

Before Buffy could object Darla leaned forward and caught one of the perfect breasts in her mouth. She sucked, delicately running her tongue over the hard little nipple. "Mmmmmm... you are a treat." The vampire gave her a wicked smile as she pulled back.

The small slayer panted unable to hide her excitement. "I... um... don't.."

"You don't what, darling?" Darla's lips once again curled into a seductive grin. "Hmmm... you don't do girls?"

"Yes." Buffy closed her eyes tight, trying to shut out Darla's smile.

"But you do vampires." The blonde bitch arched an eyebrow.

"Just Angel." Buffy insisted, squirming from her.

"Not anymore, slayer." Darla easily picked the blonde up from the tub and carried her to the bed. She laid the slayer down carefully and ordered. "Spread your legs! Mommy's hungry."

Part Four: A Gourmet Meal

"Please don't turn me." Buffy suddenly cried out. "I'd rather you left me dead."

Darla's features softened. "Darling, I'm not going to do either. If I turn you, it will change the flavor of your blood. And if I kill you, I won't have my pet." She smiled as the slayer relaxed somewhat. "No, slayer. I love the way you taste right now. I wouldn't change that for anything."

Buffy slowly spread her legs causing Darla's grin to widened.

"I'll reward you for that, darling."

As she bent close and inhaled Buffy's scent she laughed. "Hell, if you're even half as good as I think you're going to be, I might even let you go."

The little slayer closed her eyes and said a silent prayer as the vampire descended upon her.

Buffy moaned as Darla's tongue moved expertly over her pussy. "Oh god... ohhhh.." It felt incredible. She could feel the rush of fluid between her legs. Darla caught every drop. "Oh wow!.... pleaseeeee..." Buffy pressed up against the vampire's hot mouth, enjoying the tongue lashing to her fullest ability. She knew at this rate that she'd cum very soon... and that she'd cum hard.

The little slayer arched her back as she begged. "Please Darla... oh, I need more..." Buffy panted, desperate for more contact.

The vampire covered the tiny blonde's pussy with her mouth and sucked gently. Buffy screamed and jerked as an incredible orgasm seared through her. She fell back against the bed, her breathing ragged. "Oh my god..."

"God has nothing to do with it, darling." Darla chuckled as she lifted her head. "My turn." She vamped. Buffy squealed and tried to wiggle away. "Oh no you don't."

Darla lowered her head back between the slayer's legs and bit high on the inside of Buffy's delicate thigh. The slayer felt the familiar jolt of pleasure as the vampire tenderly suckled. Her body became light, and little patterns flashed before her eyes.

Soon the slayer felt as if she was floating. She could see herself and Darla. The beautiful vampire was sucking greedily at her, an expression of pure ecstasy graced her features. Buffy sighed and held the vampire's mouth tightly against her. She could feel another type of orgasm overtaking her. She closed her eyes and rode the gentle ripples as Darla continued to lap at her life fluid.

Slowly the vampire broke away. Her face had already changed back as she gazed up at the little slayer. Buffy could see that Darla was dazed, almost drugged.

"Oh darling, that was the best meal I've ever eaten." The vampire fell forward and fainted on top of Buffy.

The little blonde glanced down at her sleeping kidnapper. *Now what?!* She quickly scanned the room. She could just escape and worry about the chains after she made it to Giles.... *Buck-naked?! NO WAY!* Just as Buffy was mulling over her choices Darla lifted her head and gave her a drunken smile.

"You know what, pet? I think I'm going to let you go after all. You were so lovely. Mmmmm..." Darla sighed and grinned, her eyes still unfocused. "Okay?"

"Okay." Buffy spoke softly, hopeful.

The vampire reached down and broke the chains holding Buffy's ankles. Then with the same semi-conscious expression on her face, Darla snapped the chains binding Buffy's wrists. "There you go, darling. You're free." She giggled and her head dropped back onto the slayer's stomach.

Buffy peered down at the sleeping vampire. She could twist that pretty head right off of Darla's shoulders if she wanted to.

The slayer studied her for a moment then gently reached down and stroked her hair. Darla was beautiful... very beautiful. Buffy sighed before whispering. "You're lucky today... next time I stake you.*

She carefully rolled Darla off of her and escaped through the French doors.