TITLE: She's A Dreamer
AUTHOR: Vala (vala@wild-youth.com)
PAIRING: Darla/Harmony
SUMMARY: She wasn't gay. Really.
DISCLAIMER: Joss owns, Vala doesn't.
DISTRIBUTION: Probably. Ask.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: All the blame for this fic is being put on Amberina. Because really? It is her fault. The crappy writing isn't her fault. But the idea of Darla/Harmony is though. *nods*


There used to be a girl, a specific girl, in her dreams and she always pushed it off like it's nothing. Not that she was gay, she could never be gay. Not her.

For months, she didn't know who the girl the longest time, she didn't know who it was that was coming to her through her dreams until she saw a picture of the beautiful blonde in the drawer of Angel's desk. Not that she was spying, she could never spy. Not her.

Darla. Angel's "old flame from way back when", as Spike had told her. She was beautiful, she was sexy, she made Harmony feel incredibly shallow and gay. The shallow thing was nothing new. And, truth be told, neither was feeling incredibly gay. But nobody could know that.

She wasn't gay, she could never be gay. Except for Charlize Theron.

And Darla. Maybe for Darla too.