When a Lawyer Weeps

By Tara Ann Stridh

With her corset loosened her warm breasts were exposed to the coldness of his large hands. He kissed her lips, tracing his fingers over her hard, hot nipples. She smiled as he gazed into her and he said, “You’ve just fed. Your nipples are harder than usual. Warmer. Hot.” The hint of Irish in his voice brought a smile to her delicate face. His tongue slowly licked one of her rosy nipples, and she shuddered.

“More sensitive.”

Her voice was a low purr. “Angelus.”

Can I watch you? Help people. Isn’t that what you do now? Help people? Her melodious voice echoed within his head as he fought the vampire and quickly dusted him. So far Angel had saved one old man from being mugged, dusted a vamp, and now he would dust another one.

And she had watched him help and dust from the passenger seat of his black convertible. Until now. The vamp he was fighting turned into falling ash, and Angel tucked the stake inside his black leather coat. The passenger seat of his car was empty, and he walked towards its shininess. He stopped, looking forward as two arms embraced him from behind.

“Hmmm, I just love black leather on my skin.”

Darla rubbed her cheek against his shoulder.

The dark-haired vampire turned to her intoxicating eyes of violet and seductive, girlish voice.

“Looking for me, are you?”

His hand gently stroked the side of her face. “Where did you go?”

Her slender fingers clutched at his leather coat. “I was hungry. Bored of watching you help.”

His hand continued to caress her face, warm from her feeding. Even her cheeks were flushed, and he thought of her breasts, her nipples, and the effect a kill had on her body. It wasn’t the same with Dru; Darla’s body had always been more sensually responsive when it came to feeding. In the early days she would have often screwed him after a killing, her body being more receptive to the little death again and again.

She took his hand with a familiar smile and sophisticated lashes.

“Come Angel. I don’t want to tempt you, but surely even a vampire with a soul can appreciate the divinity of what a single, exquisite feeding can do to our flesh.”

Her pink, ankle-strap heels fretted across the damp pavement with tiny clicks. Once she had pulled him into an alley she lifted up her teal shirt, placing his fingers upon her breasts. Darla thought she would faint as his fingers pinched one of her nipples, and she did not conceal her intoxicated sigh.

“What did you eat?” His fingers circled around her left breast, infatuated by its warmth.

Her eyelids fluttered at him. “An evil-doer. Like you insisted.”

“You’re lying.”

“Maybe I am. I couldn’t find any ‘bad’ people. You won’t show me where they lurk. I’m sure you can think of an appropriate punishment for me. I promise I won’t tell your little mortal friends when you get off on it.

“Or maybe you want to watch me feed. Experience what you deny yourself through me.”

She ran away, pulling her shirt over her flesh. His hand was still lingering in the air. Her violet eyes twinkled.

“You want more? You can have more.”

They were silent on the car ride back to the hotel. And in the alley where they had been, a man lifted a pink, eighteenth century shoe up to his face and moaned.

Darla sat at the foot of the bed, her elegant hands resting calmly in her lap. Her black skirt was smooth to her curves. On a table Angel had a glass of blood he had poured for himself. She watched him take a sip in silence. Then she stood up.

“May I?”

“You don’t want this.”

“Let me taste what you live off. Just a taste. Maybe I can drink what you drink.”

“You’re not like me, Darla. You could never. Your tastes lie in lovely streetwalkers, children, babies, pregnant women.”

She smiled. “I’m open to new things.”

Angel took another sip and shook his head. “I don’t think you are.”

“As long as what’s in that glass isn’t the blood of vermin.”

“Butchers and hospitals.”

She arched an eyebrow as she took the glass from his hand and peered into it. “Really.”

He leaned against the table, his arms folded across his broad, v-neck sweatered chest. The sweater was black.

“You feed, but I don’t see you.”

“I don’t want you to watch me. Wouldn’t want to make Angelus hungry.”

The blonde-haired vampire lifted the glass to her lips.

“That’s not it, is it, Darla?”

His sire tilted her head to the side. “No, it isn’t. If we’re going to have this second chance together than you mustn’t see me feed. Ever. And if we’re going to have this second chance together, I should try and understand how you live. What I should have done a long time ago.” He watched as she drank from his glass, her eyes closed. He watched as she swallowed. There was a faint grimace on her beautifully pallid face, and she placed the glass on the table.

Darla smiled at her boy. “Not exactly gourmet or virgin, but I suppose I could live off this.”

“You’d give up the chase?”

Her violet eyes were steady, reaching through his dark, glistening ones.

“I could try. After one more.”

He closed the door, leaned against it, and ran his hand through his dark hair.

“I said blonde,” he mumbled to himself.

The knock at the door was soft, and when he opened it she stood in front of him. Bare shoulders and straight blonde hair. Lindsey suddenly swallowed, looking into her violet eyes.

The gentle voice sounded like tiny chimes. “What’s the matter, Lindsey. Change your mind about the hooker.”

“What did you do to her?”

Darla’s smile was coy. “Nothing. She wasn’t my type.”

“She wasn’t mine, either.”

The blonde-haired vampire leaned forward, her pretty face flirtatious. “And what is?”


“Hm.” She frowned. “I can’t come in unless you invite me, but I should warn you that I am going to kill you.”

There was a twinkle in his eye as he smiled faintly.

“Is that why you’re all dressed in white?”

She gave him a small shrug, her petite figure more slender and more enchanting than ever in the white tube top and flowing white taffeta skirt. Darla pointed down at her pink, ankle-strap heels.

“And a touch of pink.”

Lindsey raised an eyebrow, faintly. “How fetching.”

“Besides, once I kill you I want to see your blood glisten on my skirts as I dance around your body."

His blue eyes studied her for a moment, infatuated by her simple and elegant beauty.

“Come in.”

“Hmm.” Then she stepped through the threshold of his familiar apartment.

As soon as she entered his sanctuary Lindsey took a few steps away from her. She smiled at him, tilting her head to the side.

“Aren’t you going to offer me something to drink?”

“You know how to get it yourself.”

“You’re right.” Her fingertips glided over the leather of the couch. “I do.”

Before Lindsey could run her small hand was gripping his neck, her smooth face formed into the vampire.

Choking noises escaped from his throat. “Wait. I need to tell you something first.”

“Pity, really. If only you had told me so many other things before I fucked you.”

She let him go, and he stumbled to the carpeted floor. Rubbing at his neck he watched as she sat on the couch, her hands resting politely in her lap. Her face was still the vampire.

A strand of his dark hair hung near his eye as he approached her.

“Don’t you mean fell in love with me.”

“No, I believe I said ‘fucked.’ Don’t lawyer me, Lindsey. I’ll make it quick if you don’t.”

The coffee table was the only item between them, and since she was sitting he was forced to look down at her.

“Hurry, I’m thirsty, and your fear is making me horny.”

The sleeves of his dress shirt were rolled up at his elbows.

“I’m not going to deny that I’m scared of you, of what you’ve become.”

Her laugh was just as sweet as her voice. “What I’ve become? I am what I am because you and the rest of the little bees you work for. What’s the matter, Lindsey, you don’t like me this way? My face isn’t pretty enough for you? For you to screw.”

“I didn’t want you to die, Darla, and Angel wouldn’t turn you, so I, I got Drusilla to do it. It was the only way I could help you.”

She stood up, looking into his blue eyes. “Thank you, Lindsey. I guess you’re the one-handed knight I’ve been waiting for.”

Her hand was around his neck again, and his body twirled, slamming into the coffee table. The hard surface against his back caused him to grunt. He didn’t struggle with her as she lifted her skirts over her knees and sat on his lap. Lindsey didn’t close his eyes as she bit into the flesh of his warm neck.

When she stopped drinking, looking down at him, her face had returned to its human form. His blood sparkled upon her soft lips.

“What do you think of me now, Lindsey?” Her voice had become bitter and angry. “Are you still in love with me?”

She kissed his lips before he could answer her. Her cold tongue pushed into his mouth, and he tasted his own blood. He placed his good hand on her shoulder, and he moaned as she clutched it, breaking her lips away from his.

Her laugh sang wickedly as she lifted him up, dragging him behind her.

“Come now, Lindsey, I’m gonna drain you ‘till I come.”

She held him up at the foot of the bed, his chin in her palm; her vampire face had returned.

“Don’t worry. It won’t take me long, and your blood is all I need.”

Her manicured nails ripped open his shirt as she pushed him on to the high bed. Climbing on top of him Lindsey wanted to run away from the demon-eyed creature slithering along his thighs, away from the seductively twisted fantasy.

Darla’s tongue flicked at the bleeding wound in his neck, and he groaned.

Her nails dug into the flesh of his cheek as she held his chin in her tender palm. His blue eyes glimmered as her face morphed back to the human Darla.

“You’re blood is all I need, but it’s not all I want.”

Darla lay on her stomach, her straight blonde strands peaceful like the paleness of her bare skin. It was late morning, but the apartment was dark. Lindsey McDonald stared up at ceiling. He tried to sit up, but he couldn’t. His limbs felt heavy as if he was wearing soaked clothes, but his body was free of all clothing, except for a light blue sheet. He turned his head to glance at the woman sleeping beside him, and he grimaced. The skin where she had bitten him was sore and bruised. His fingertips were able to brush against her elbow. Lindsey’s eyelids wanted to close, and dizziness filled his head.


There was no answer from her side of the bed. His fingers tapped at her elbow. After several moments she shifted slightly, pulling the sheet over her breasts.

“Let me sleep, and don’t whine. I didn’t take enough to kill you. You’ll be a trifle sluggish, depending, but so am I during the day.

“I’ve got down payment on you, Lindsey. I’ve tasted your blood.”

His throat was dry, but he managed to get a few words out into the atmosphere.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

Her back was turned to him. “Because I’m in love with you, Lindsey.”

“When are you going to ask me to taste yours?”

“I wouldn’t ask. Now let me sleep.”