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Name/Handle: Adam Windsor
Email Address:

His Website: Adam Windsor's Fan Fiction
Favorite Archive: UCSL and YGTS
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: Dymphna and all the subsidiary sites thereof
Favorite non Buffy Site: Secrets of the Kargatane and the D&D website

Favorite From Among His Fic: Oh, I couldn't pick between them.
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): I'd have even less chance of picking just one for this, than for the question above ...
Favorite Book: The Crow Road by Iain Banks
Favorite Poem: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Song: "Under the God" by Tin Machine

Favorite Fanfiction Author: again, I really couldn't pick just one.
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: J R R Tolkien
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Edgar Allen Poe

Favorite BtVS Ep: Consequences
Favorite Angel Ep: Sanctuary
Your Favorite Character: Faith
Favorite Ship: I don't have one ... playing with ships is too much fun to settle on any single choice

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Angel's Ashes


Name/Handle: Bitch Willow
Email Address:

Her Website: Land of the Undead Princess and Miss World
Favorite Archive: Eterniata: Eros Unbound and anything at Kate Bolin's site.
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed
Your Favorite non Buffy Site: Mighty Big TV

Favorits Among Her Own Fic: And I Would Share My Cigarettes, Bloom and Collapse, Sleeping Beauty, the Paradise Series
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): Ink by Ins
Favorite Book: Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite
Favorite Poem: The Evidence by Erica Jong
Favorite Song: “Ask For Answers” by Placebo, “Shimmer Like A Girl” by Veruca Salt, “Hyacinth House” by the Doors, and many others.

Favorite Fanfiction Author: There are too many to count. In the Buffy fandom, some of my favorites are Sheila Perez, Ins, Karen (of OzMIA), Hth, Mary Borsellino, and many others.
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: Poppy Z. Brite, Norman Mailer, Stephen King, Sylvia Plath
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Tori Amos

Favorite BtVS Ep: Dopplegangerland
Favorite Angel Ep: Five By Five
Favorite Character: Faith and Oz
Favorite Ship: Faith/Willow, Spike/Angel, Faith/Wesley, Lilah/Darla

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Siren


Name/Handle: Christina Schneider
Email Address:

Her Websites URL: Blood and Honey, D:NIR, The Id, the Saggitarian
Favorite Archive: Buffy/Angel Improv; Eterniata: Eros Unbound
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: The Slayer Show; Everlasting Eliza
Favorite non Buffy Site: Bartleby.Com and Livejournal

Favorite Among Her Fic: Impressions of a Sunrise, Glycerin, Auld Lang Syne (with Felicity).

Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): Equinox by Kita; "Phoenix Burning" by Yahtzee
Favorite Book: Soft! by Rupert Thompson
Favorite Poem: Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath
Favorite Song: "Limp" by Fiona Apple, "Ladder" by Joan Osborne, "Twitch" by Bif Naked

Favorite Fanfiction Author: Kita, Felicity
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: James Patterson, A.R. Morlan
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Sylvia Plath, Fiona Apple

Favorite BtVS Ep: Amends, The Gift
Favorite Angel Ep: I Will Remember You, The Trials
Favorite Character: Darla, Angel, Buffy
Favorite Ship: B/A, Darla/Angelus/Spike/Drusilla

Fics Archived at D:NIR: The Man in the Long Black Coat


Name/Handle: Dolores Labouchere
Email Address:
His Website: Thrown With Great Force
Fic archived at D:NIR: Independant Vampires


Name/Handle: Faithful Chickie
Email Address:
Her Website: Bite.To: Faithful Chickie
Fic archived at D:NIR: Darla's Darling, Darla's Trap


Name/Handle: Faithtastic
Email Address:

Her Website: Gypsies
Favorite Archive: JOYFFA
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: Buffy Guide
Favorite non Buffy Site: The Spark

Favorite Among Her Fic: The Devil in A Little Black Dress
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): Gap in the Clouds by Dolores Labouchere
Favorite Book: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides
Favorite Poem: Uneasy Rider by Diane Wakoski
Favorite Song: "What It Feels Like For A Girl" by Madonna

Favorite Fanfiction Author: Dolores Labouchere
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: Arthur C Clarke
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Michael Stipe

Favorite BtVS Ep: The Body
Favorite Angel Ep: Reunion
Favorite Character: Joyce or Lilah
Favorite Ship: Cordelia/Faith

Fic Archived at DNIR: Creature of Habit


Name/Handle: Inkstain
Email Address:

Fic archived at D:NIR: Cold Blooded


Name/Handle: Jennifer Oksana
Email Address:
Her Website: I'm Just Sayin'

Fic archived at D:NIR: Night of the Hunter


Name/Handle: Kate Bolin
Email Address:
Favorite Archive: Dead Letters
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: Obsessed Much dot Net
Favorite non Buffy Site: Hissy Fit dot Com

Favorites Among Her Own Fic: Le Lwa
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): Human, by Ins
Favorite Book: Waking The Moon by Elizabeth Hand
Favorite Poem: Salad Anniversary by Machi Tawara
Favorite Song: "Water" by Oingo Boingo

Favorite Fanfiction Author: Insomnitic
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: Elizabeth Hand
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: David Bowie

Favorite BtVS Ep: Passion
Favorite Angel Ep: Reprise
Favorite Character: Cordelia
Favorite Ship: Giles/Oz

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Decadent and Mourning Air


Name/Handle: Donna M.
Email Address:

Her Website: Slashing the Angel
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: Jess Walker's Blood Screaming and Avie and Darcy's Eternal Nightcap
Favorite non Buffy Site:

Favorites Among Her Fic: Equinox & Komodo
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): To Take You In by Jess Walker and The Heaven in Hell Series by Maayan
Favorite Book: The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe. Ever since I was 9.
Favorite Poem: Death Shall Have No Dominion by Dylan Thomas
Favorite Song: "Shameless"

Favorite Fanfiction Author: I have to pick one? Jess Walker. But if they're on StA, I love and adore.
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: I dunno, I read anything & everything.
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Ani Difranco

Favorite BtVS Ep: Spike
Favorite Angel Ep: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been, 5x5, Eternity
Favorite Character: Angel
Favorite Ship: Angel/Spike

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Equinox and Of the Beast


Name/Handle: Lady Raven
Email Address:

Fic archived at D:NIR: Bete Noir


Name/Handle: Lar
Email Address:
Her Website: Obsessed Much?

Fic archived at D:NIR: Escalade, Resurrection


Name/Handle: Laure Alexander
Email Address:
Her Website: Meandering Muse

Fic archived at D:NIR: Details, A Lesson in Submission, Rekindling the Flame


Name/Handle: Lex
Email Address:
Her Website: Lex

Fic archived at D:NIR: Crazy In Love


Name/Handle: Mari
Email Address:

Fic archived at D:NIR: Never Touched


Name/Handle: Patricia R.D.
Email Address:
Her Website: Call of the Dark

Fic archived at D:NIR: Bittersweet


Name/Handle: Penn
Email Address:

His Website:
Favorite Archive: btvs slash/ucsl/the fic on addictive stigmata
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: the sanctuary
Favorite non Buffy Site:

Favorite From Amongst His Fic: "vinora" but i havent finished it! :s
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): What the Scarecrows Saw by Bluebell
Favorite Book: Dracula/Interview With the Vampire
Favorite Song: Placebo- I Know

Favorite (Non Fic) Author: Chris Golden
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Jon Davies of Korn

Favorite BtVS Ep: Restless/Fool for Love/Tough Love
Favorite Angel Ep: Darla & Somnabulist
Favorite Character: Penn/Darla/Angel/Dru/Spike
Favorite Ship: the above, in pretty much any combination

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Leutekeller


Name/Handle: Rebecca Parker
Email Address:
Her Website: Bizzarroland

Fic archived at D:NIR: Fortress to Burn


Name/Handle: Sanguinary
Email Address:

Fic archived at D:NIR: Secrets Better Kept Untold


Name/Handle: Seersha
Email Address:

Her Website: Seersha's Fanfiction
Favorite Archive:
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: Dusk Til Dawn
Favorite non Buffy Site: (the design is the coolest)

Favorite From Amongst Her Fic: Lean On Me
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee
Favorite Book: The Earth's Children Series
Favorite Poem: Desiderata
Favorite Song: Drops of Jupiter (at the moment, anyway)

Favorite Fanfiction Author: Vatrixsta Cruden, Ducks, Kita, Spyke Raven, Harpy and many more...
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: Jean M. Auel
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Don't have one.

Favorite BtVS Ep: "The Body"
Favorite Angel Ep: "Five by Five"/"Sanctuary"
Favorite Character: Angel
Favorite Ship: I'm a sucker -- Buffy/Angel, but I also like other Angel pairings.

Fics Archived at D:NIR: Her Quietus, Making an Angel


Name/Handle: Sparks
Email Address:

Fic archived at D:NIR: Disease


Name/Handle: Spyke Raven
Email Address:

Her Website: Spykenard
Favorite Archive: Squidge
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: Strange Places
Favorite non Buffy Site: Yahoo Groups

Favorite Among Her Fic: I have to choose? Um, -plex. Incarnadine. Mirror Balance. Segue. Never mind - no this one's not a fic.
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): Currently anything by Legion. I'm in a Legion mood.
Favorite Book: Currently Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series.
Favorite Poem: It's the liturgy actually.
Favorite Song: "La Tribu de Dana" by Manau

Favorite Fanfiction Author: I have to choose? One, then. Urgh. Te and Jane St. Clair. Kate Bolin. Legion. Alyjude. Lemon Drop - no. No I WON'T choose.
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: Terry Pratchett
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Sting

Favorite BtVS Ep: Passion
Favorite Angel Ep: Darla
Favorite Character: Darla
Favorite Ship: I can give you the inverse. I will NOT read Angel/Spike.

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Director's Cut, Gentle Night, Nocturne, Quiet As She Bleeds, and Situating the Self


Name/Handle: Sunshine
Email Address:

Fic archived at D:NIR: Duet


Name/Handle: Tamara
Email Address:
Her Website: Come.Midnight

Fic archived at D:NIR: Better Than Nothing, One Little Moment


Name/Handle: Tania
Email Address:
Her Website: The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy

Fic archived at D:NIR: Madrid, 1853

Tanja Kinkel

Name/Handle: Tanja Kinkel
Email Address:

Favorite Archive: Fanfiction dot Net
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: Buffy Cross and Stake
Favorite non Buffy Site: Dark Panther

Favorite Among Her Fic: Death and the Maiden
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): Phoenix Burning, by Yahtzee
Favorite Book: The Sunne in Splendour, by Sharon Penman
Favorite Poem: Do not go gently into that good night, by Dylan Thomas
Favorite Song: "Yesterday"

Favorite Fanfiction Author: Janeen Grohsmeyer
Favorite (Non Fic) Author: Ted Hughes
Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Sylvia Plath

Favorite BtVS Ep: Restless
Favorite Angel Ep: Reunion
Favorite Character: Don't have ONE, but like very much: Darla, Buffy, Wesley, Angel, Cordelia
Favorite Ship: Determinedly not a Shipper of any persuasion.

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Death Becomes Her


Name/Handle: Tara Ann Stridh
Email Address:

Favorite Archive: I'm looking for Faith/Oz - can't find one.
Favorite BtVS/AtS Site: anything for Eliza Dushku and Julie Benz
Favorite non Buffy Site: these days all my favorites are Angel/Buffy related, but I used to love The Henry Thomas Movie Shots page (it's been a long time - no longer updated)

Favorite Among Her Fic: my Faith/Oz stories, but I haven't found a archive home for them:(
Favorite Fic (written by somebody else): I can't remember (I read it some time last year during the summer I think), but it was about Darla/Angelus and was beautifully written.
Favorite Book: It, All the Pretty Horses
Favorite Poem: Stain Boy by Tim Burton
Favorite Song: "What It Feels Like For a Girl" by Madonna

Favorite Poet/Songwriter: Dorothy Parker, Michael Timmins

Favorite BtVS Ep: Wild at Heart, Amends, Enemies
Favorite Angel Ep: Five by Five, The Trial, Bachelor Party, Darla
Favorite Character: Faith, Darla, Lindsey, Oz, Cordy, Bethany, and Veruca
Favorite Ship: Darla/Lindsey

Fic Archived at D:NIR: Bedtime, Birth Is Always Painful, Blackberry Patch, Blow Me a Kiss, Counting Lovers Blind, Dancing, Dear Girl, Dear One, Epiphany, For Darla, How Did You Think This Would End?, Jasmine Lullaby, Life's Full of Surprises, A Little Blood, Mother, Mother's Day, Outside the Box, Red Leather Mary Janes, This Year's End, To Sire a Slayer, Twice the Stars, That's How Vampires Get What They Want, That's What Love Does, To Love Is To Bury, Tomorrow, To Sacrifice Is to Love, Two Words, What Vampires Want For Christmas, When a Lawyer Weeps, Yellow Roses