Due to the dwindling number of Darla sites out there anymore, we have abolished our ratings system, as it was altogether too depressing to see one site under a heading. So, they're still under their type, but they're now filed not by excellence, but alphabetically. We apologize for the inconvenience, and blame Tim Minear for killing her off.

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Websites About Darla and Julie Benz
Fanfiction and Poetry Archives
Webrings and Cliques
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Websites About Darla and Julie Benz

Angelic Darla
First of all, it's orange. That's fantastic. There are not nearly enough orange fan sites around anymore. Beyond that . . . it loads slowly, and it's a little difficult to navigate and fit on your screen. There are quite a few broken links, and, once again, it loads slowly. It's got a lot of neat stuff, but it's kind of an ordeal to get to it.

Beautiful Madness
Darla and Drusilla. Fic, essays, wicked naughty sex.

Darla, the Blonde Vampiress
Some pictures, some quotage, some Julie knowledge. Also -- my favorite section -- fans of Darla speak out. Small site, but kinda neat.

Darla ~ Julie Benz
Not so much a website as a webpage. Gives you the basics, but no frills.

The Goddess Darla
This is cute. The idea, I mean. The layout is cumbersome, and the background is annoying, but the idea is cute. Too bad she's not seeing too much traffic. Go make Darla the Goddess of something, and maybe she'll wise up and eliminate the infernal red on white and blue combination.

Julie Benz Web
E Fan Guide's Julie Benz site. Nice layout, sizable gallery, and letters from Julie herself.

Huge German Julie site.

The Last Time I Saw You
Darla and her darling boy. Fanfiction, essays, general kickass 'shipping. Check it out.

Darla slash! *tingle* Love it, love it, love it.

Simply Darla/Angel
A look at the relationship between Darla and her favorite Child. No longer updated.

Something Wicked
Darla Auto Archive.

Tainted Love
Darla and Lindsey. Fanfiction, infanity, art.


Back In Time
Little content, cumbersome navigation. But it looks like it's improving, and it has potential.

Blood Screaming: Your Guide to the Fanged Four
There are lots of sites out there devoted to deconstruction/celebration of the little "family" that broke Europe. And this is one of the best. The site is run by Jessica Walker, and that means two things: one, it's slick, professional, and pretty. Two, it's funny as Hell. This is an informative site that's pleasing to the eye and your sense of humor. Contains character analysis, a look at the siring process, and a bunch of damned good fanfiction. This is a good site, and a must see.

Old Fashioned Foreplay
Nice Fanged Four fanfiction archive and resources.

Spyke Raven's Fanfiction
Spyke Raven's personal archive. Not Darla centric, but an outstanding site nevertheless.

Webrings and Cliques

Darla Forever
A site designed as a semi-clique to register your support for Darla. Poor graphics, little information, and no creativity. Joining this clique might be detrimental to the cause.

An excellent clique. Home to many quality sites; the Dulcinea site itself is attractive and easily navigable.

Sexy Julie Benz
Unfortunately, the title is better than the club. Three members and little posting.

Mailing and Discussion Lists

Mainly for sharing pictures, screencaps, and fan art, but everything Darla/Julie, Angel/David related is welcome.

Angelus and Darla Fanfiction
Angelus/Darla fanfiction swap.

Photo swap for Angel and Darla. Spanish.

She was a vympyre. Then she was brought back as a human. Then she was made a vympyre again . . . confused yet?

Darla And Dru
Discussion and fanfiction. Incest is best.

Darling Boy
A group that celebrates the relationship between Darla and Angel/Angelus. Photo swapping, fanfiction, discussion. This is a good one.

Group for Darla-centric fanfiction.

Drusilla and Darla Slash
Pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?

A list for fans of Julie Benz.

Group for all Julie Benz and James Marsters lovers!

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God knows why you'd want to link to me, but in case you do . . .

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