Writing Darla


Darla: The Matriarch. by Violetsmiles.
Darla: The Truly Tragic Character by Blue
How to Write Darla by Blackwinged Angel
Soul Sister: Writing the S2 and S3 Darla Arc by Blackwinged Angel
Whatever Darla Wants, Darla Gets: Writing Darla Slash by Patricia.

Magick and Rituals

Ritual One: To Shanshu in LA by Blackwinged Angel

The Life and Times Of (outside links)

Early Form of the Corset in the 16th Century by Tracey B
Making and Wearing a Corset by Drea Leed
Prostitution: The American Occupation of Womanhood by Katharine Cristiani
Syphillis: Fact Sheet by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Virginia Records Timeline, 1600-1609 by Thomas Jefferson

Vympyre Fiction

Writing Vympyre Fiction: an interview with author Christopher Moore